Dear customers!

We at Mron Sales & Solutions AB closely follow the latest news about COVID-19 and the guidelines issued by our authorities. Sweden and Europe is in the middle of the most difficult crisis in 100 years and even though it looks very dark at the moment, better times await. We must dare to believe in it and fight together to keep Sweden on its feet until then. It is therefore important that all companies, as far as possible, conduct business because all other alternatives are worse. The same applies to private consumption.

The situation today

At present, we have no disruptions with deliveries of our products and production is proceeding as planned on a daily basis. However, we have a markedly increased demand for cleaning, hand and surface disinfection, which has meant that we have an empty stock of certain goods. We run our production at high speed to meet demand. In our range we have a series of effective disinfectants.

We maintain a close dialogue with ITW’s factories and with other suppliers regarding deliveries and what is happening in the European market in general regarding the Corona crisis.

With this said, we suggest all customers to carefully review their stocks and have a good foresight in orders of production-critical products due to of the uncertain situation in Sweden and the the rest of the world.

We can do this together!

Kind Regards

All employees at Mron Sales & Solutions AB

Here you can download or read directly about COVID-19 recommendationsand see which products we have that are especially good for today’s high and tough requirements for cleaning and hygiene.


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