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You can also contact your local salesperson / contact person directly. When ordering, your order is registered in our app by our sales manager and then transferred to our ordering system. You can also contact MRON directly via order@mron.se, info@mron.se or call 031-700 17 80.

Lead time describes the time MRON needs internally to send out goods from the warehouse. At MRON, we work with a two-day lead time. Orders received before 14:00 are registered the same day and are ready for delivery one working day later. For help with tracking shipments, contact info@mron.se or call +46 31 -700 17 80.

Product issues

You will find all our safety data sheets on the Assortment page or in the menu here on the website. If you do not find what you are looking for here, contact us at info@mron.se or call +46 31-700 17 80.

You can find information about all our products on our website or by contacting your local contact person. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask us info@mron.se or call +46 31-700 17 80.

In case of suspicion of quality deviation, the matter must always be reported to info@mron.se or call +46 31 -700 17 80. The information we need to process the case further is: Customer name, contact person, order number, article name / article number, production code / batch number and as detailed a description of the case as possible (attach pictures where possible). In most cases, it will be necessary for the product to be sent to our supplier Norden Olje.


Normal delivery time on stock item is 2-5 days.

Shipping cost will be added.

If products are damaged or missing during transport, you must notify us as soon as you discover damage or that products are missing no later than 7 days after delivery. Transport damage must always be noted on the consignment note from the carrier. In addition, we want our application form to be filled in and sent to info@mron.se

For help with tracking deliveries, send an info@mron.se or call +46 31-700 17 80.

When you experience discrepancies between what you have received in your order confirmation and what you have received at your receipt of goods, this must be reported to MRON so that we can correct this. Contact us via info@mron.se or call +46 31-700 17 80

  • – Quality deviation on product or packaging.
  • – The customer has received the wrong item or the wrong number of items.
  • – There is an agreement that the customer can return salable goods.

Only salable items can be returned. The office must approve the return of the item if the above criteria are met before the customer returns the goods. Contact info@mron.se or call +46 31-700 17 80.