General Terms of Sale & Delivery

These general terms of sale and delivery apply to all quotations, sales and deliveries, unless otherwise agreed in writing. These general terms of sale and delivery apply to all quotations, sales and deliveries, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All quotes must be confirmed. The sales agreement does not apply until the seller sends an order confirmation or completes the delivery.

Payment must be received by the seller no later than the due date according to the first page of the invoice. If the delivery is delayed due to circumstances with the buyer (the creditor’s refusal or inability to receive delivery), the buyer must still pay the seller as if the delivery had been completed at the agreed time – unless the seller notifies the buyer in writing. If payment is made after the due date, the seller has the right to charge default interest for the amount due from the due date. The seller reserves the right to charge a fixed reminder fee if this has been announced in a previous reminder. The buyer is not entitled to make a counterclaim against the seller, unless the seller has approved this in writing, and the buyer is not entitled to include any part of the purchase price due to any type of counterclaim.

According to mandatory legislation, the ownership of the goods remains with the seller until he has received the entire sale price. If the goods have been sold for the purpose of working into or mixing them with other products, they are not included in the right of return when this has taken place.

All prices apply excluding VAT and other fees. If there is an increase in raw material prices, agreed wages, employer contributions of any kind, excise duties, customs duties, import / export duties, the exchange rate for SEK or other conditions beyond the seller’s control during the time between order confirmation and delivery, the seller reserves the right to increase prices accordingly. degree. In connection with a framework agreement, the price is not final until the seller has delivered the agreed delivery. The seller’s costs for completed product documentation / product documentation etc. and changes to this documentation are not included in the seller’s prices. These costs are either charged directly by the seller’s subcontractor or invoiced to the buyer by agreement.

Product information is provided according to the latest information received from the seller’s suppliers. Specifications of analysis values, percentages or product mixing ratios shall be considered as typical values or average values unless otherwise stated. The seller can not guarantee that the original specifications apply if the product is part of the total production batch, unless the buyer orders a subsequent analysis, or if the nature of the goods has prompted the seller to submit a subsequent analysis. The seller reserves the right to change agreed specifications, if this can be done without inconvenience to the buyer.

Special packaging is used at the buyer’s expense, unless it is specifically stated that this is included in the price.

Delivery time is stated according to best assessment. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, a delivery delay of 5 days due to conditions at the seller shall in all respects be considered punctual. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not included in the calculation of the 5 days. If the delivery is delayed due to the seller being in a situation specified in item 12, “Seller’s liability / Force Majeure”, the delivery is delayed by the time the obstacles apply. However, both parties shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement without liability if the obstacle has lasted more than one month. If the agreement relates to successive deliveries, each individual delivery shall be regarded as a separate delivery. The buyer is therefore not entitled to cancel the remaining part according to the total agreement if a delay or non-compliance arises in connection with a partial delivery. If a partial delivery is delayed for reasons described in section 12, “Seller’s liability / Force majeure”, the seller has the right to postpone the delivery time for the following partial deliveries by the time the obstacle has lasted. In the above case, the seller must, without unreasonable delay, inform the buyer of any changes in the delivery time. If a delivery does not pass the seller’s warehouse, the seller will not perform any receipt check of the shipment.

If the seller purchases a product at the buyer’s special request, the buyer must buy all specially purchased products at the agreed price. The buyer is not entitled to return these products.

If goods are manufactured according to the buyer’s specifications or delivered in bulk (tank, truck, etc.), the seller reserves the right to deliver the contracted quantity +/- 10%. If the buyer’s receiving facility is unable to handle the ordered quantity, the seller reserves the right to re-invoice the buyer for any costs incurred due to the remaining quantity being returned to the seller’s warehouse. The seller reserves the right to invoice the entire ordered quantity and issue a credit invoice for the quantity that could not be delivered, less costs incurred.

Upon delivery, the buyer shall carry out an immediate examination of the delivery with the caution and care that characterizes a prudent businessman and, without unreasonable delay, inform the seller in writing of visible deficiencies of conformity. The buyer loses the right to refer to a lack of conformity if he does not inform the seller and thereby describes in more detail the lack of conformity within a reasonable time after the defect has been discovered or should have been discovered. If the non-conformity has occurred during transport and is determined immediately upon delivery, the buyer shall inform the relevant transport company and ensure that the driver notes and signs any visible non-conformity on the consignment note. If the seller has been informed of a lack of agreement within a reasonable time, the seller has the right to subsequently deliver the missing quantity or, in the case of a lack of quality or incorrect delivery, replace the product. The buyer loses the right to refer to non-compliance if he does not in a message to the seller describe the non-compliance within 6 months from the delivery date.

If there is a non-conformity, damage due to a defective product and delays, the seller is only liable if it can be determined that the defect, damage or delay is due to fault or oversight on the part of the seller and – apart from personal injury – only if the non-conformity can attributed to gross oversight by the seller. Claims for damages against the seller can not exceed the invoiced amount for the products in question. The seller is not obliged to deliver or pay damages to the buyer if the delivery is hindered or made unrealistically difficult or expensive due to unforeseen obstacles that arise after the contract has been signed, mobilization, war, blockade, insurgency, labor disputes, energy crisis, collapse, fire , epidemics, government intervention, including the refusal to issue export and import licenses, as well as the introduction of deposition systems and defects in or delays in deliveries by subcontractors due to any of the circumstances set out in this paragraph. The seller shall, without unreasonable delay, inform the buyer of the existence of the relationship described in this paragraph. The seller is not responsible for the buyer’s possible incorrect storage of the product, the buyer’s possible incorrect handling of the product or deficiencies in handling the product according to the instructions, or the consequences of the buyer using the products in tests or in other contexts.

Sold products may only be returned after prior written agreement and must be sent back to the seller in unopened original packaging at the buyer’s cost and risk. If the return entails delivery or other costs for the seller, he is entitled to compensation from the buyer and to deduct these costs from the buyer’s possible claims against the seller. When the goods have been processed, or if the goods have been exchanged, the buyer must pick up the processed or exchanged delivery from the seller’s warehouse at his own risk.

Product liability applies in accordance with current Swedish legislation. According to mandatory legislation, the seller is not responsible for purchase and removal costs, business interruptions, loss of profit or other indirect costs.

The seller has the right to transfer all rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party.

Swedish court: Gothenburg District Court